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Our flagship psychometric assessment gives you a clear picture of your abilities, personality traits, and areas of interests.

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Explore myriad of career opportunities based on your interests, aptitude, and personality.

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Our career planning helps you choose the right career after an in-depth evaluation of your skills, areas of interest, apptitude, and personality.

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Know the stream that is right for you. Shortlist colleges based on your career choice. Get assistance in the application process.

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Career Prospects and Guidance

'Which career should I choose?' ' What is the scope of my career?' Get answers to the 'What', 'Where', 'Why' & 'How's related to your career. Flexible and affordable, our career planning program gives you invaluable insights into various suitable career options. What's more, it also guides you on what it takes to achieve your career goals.


Self-assessment is a crucial starting point in your quest to choose the right career. Make an informed decision with our's flagship psychometric assessment tests. Scientifically designed to pinpoint your affinity and aptitude, the test senable you to make an informed career decision.

Soft Skills Training :

Why Soft Skills matter

Technical skills are just not enough to get you on the top rung of the corporate ladder, as many hard-core technicians have found. What gets you noticed and sought-after are your people skills…your talent at communication, work ethics, emotional intelligence and leadership abilities. If you are someone who works well in a team, and are able to inspire and motivate others to do their best, then you will find that you can excel in your position and your organisation. While technical skill training is always given a lot of importance, people often undervalue the importance of soft skills. Knowing this, KnowledgeHut brings you soft skills training that helps you to improve your problem solving, delegating, conflict management and other personal attributes that are crucial for career success. Learn through fun-filled, hands-on workshops and group exercises that will fill the gaps in your soft skills.

Soft Skills courses at Vidhyarthee

Wondering which course to pick? The most popular courses in our Soft Skills category are Conflict Management, Soft Skills Leadership workshops and the Building Team Trust workshop. The ICALS or the International certificate in Advanced Leadership Skills training is another popular course that leads to a soft skills certification, demonstrating that you have the skills and experience to manage leadership programs at even a global level. Soft skills are better taught in person, with face-to-face interaction, and so we do not offer a soft skills training online.

Your instructors need to interact with you personally to judge which areas you need to improve in, and soft skills online courses will not afford this level of personal interaction that is very critical to give you the training you require.

Our training courses are brought to you at the most affordable price and led by passionate instructors who can inspire in you the determination to do your best.

As organisations look for new ways to stay on top of the competition, the importance of soft skills training cannot be underestimated. Teamwork, communication skills and leadership talent are all-important for productivity and overall success.

Make the right decision - join a KnowledgeHut course today for a life-changing experience, and get the confidence to succeed in your professional and personal life!

Bank Loan Assistance :

Financial Assistance – Through Bank Loans

Studying abroad or in India in top universities can be expensive and if you are not eligible for scholarships then you can think of the option of a bank loan. A comprehensive educational loan scheme has been established by the Government of India in association with Reserve Bank of India and Indian bankers association. Educational Loan can help you in pursuing the course of your choice in the best overseas and domestic universities. Loans are a very simple way to finance education abroad and easy to secure and also hassle free. The cost of education can be borne by the loan from a nationalized bank and leading private banks.

The good part is that the rate of interest of the loan is lower than commercial rate. Loan repayment starts 6 months after course completion. Most students repay their education loan easily with 2 years after working abroad.